Buy wholesale fresh cut red roses; rhodos, premium roses.

$0.33 - $0.70
40(CM) $0.33
50(CM) $0.38
60(CM) $0.49
70(CM) $0.59
80(CM) $0.70
Color : Red
Color Description: Red
Bloom Size: Large
Bloom Size Details: Large
Lengths available: 40 - 80cm
Vase Life: 14 Days
Availability: Year round from Eagle-Link Flowers in Kenya
General Comments:

Buy wholesale fresh cut flowers, Rhodos, red colour premium roses. It opens well with a long vaselife, Very popular with florists, supermarkets, weddings & events.

Suggestions: Use this vibrant flowers to make elegant simple submerged centerpieces. Between the floral color and shape no too many other flowers are needed to make a statement.