How Should Florists Care For Gabera Daisy?

Care For Gabera

Care For Gabera Daisy

Gabera Flowers – These colourful flowers give an ultimate positive feeling with their countless shades and shapes. Care For Gabera is very easy! To make them last even longer, we would like to give you some tips:

  • – Use a clean vase and clean water with a preservative;
  • – Trim the stems slightly, so that they can take up water well. Like Tulips, Gerberas continue to grow in the vase. Take account of this in a mixed bouquet;
  • – Big temperature fluctuations, a damp environment and direct sunlight will reduce the vase life;
  • – Do not place Gerberas near fruit: the ethylene gas released by the ripening fruit affects the vase life;
  • – It’s better for the Gerbera if you refresh the water regularly rather than pour lots of water into the vase in one go.

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