Top 10 Fresh Flowers Caring Tips for Florists

Flowers Caring Tips for Florists

What are the Best Flowers Caring Tips for Florists?

Extend the life of your fresh cut flowers with these Fresh Flowers Caring Tips for Florists. Caring for Cut Flowers and keeping them fresh is indeed a science in itself. The first step towards making Cut Flowers last longer is to make sure that they are quickly placed in water to prevent them from wilting.

  1. Keep your flowers in a cool place until you can get them in a flower food solution
  2. Cut the stems at an angle, under running water. The angle lets the stem drink more water. “How far should I cut the stems?” mostly 2 inches from the previous cut.
  3. Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line. It’ll create a cleaner aesthetic and help prevent bacterial growth. If you received roses, remove the guard petals (outside petals). They were intentionally left on to protect your roses during shipment.
  4. Artfully arrange your flowers. Place them however you’d like and enjoy for at least 12 days of freshness!

Flowers Caring Tips for Florists

Keep the flower shop supplies fresh a science in itself

Further, care of your cut flowers is enhanced by following the tips given below-

  1. Commercial floral preservatives increase the life of Cut Flowers and should always be used. A floral preservative is a complex mixture of sucrose (sugar), acidifier – an inhibitor of microorganisms, and a respiratory inhibitor.
  2. To aid the floral preservative in slowing down the growth of microorganisms around the Cut Flowers, always clean the flower vase or container.
  3. Remove all leaves on the stems of the Cut Flowers below the water surface as they soon deteriorate.
  4. Place the cut flowers in a cool location for an hour or two. Cut Flowers placed in cool temperatures lose less water.
  5. A process called hardening ensures maximum water uptake, where the freshly cut stem of the Cut Flower is placed in 110 degree Fahrenheit water (plus preservative).
  6. Check the water level of the floral container or vase, where the Cut Flowers are placed, daily and add water plus preservatives when needed.
  7. Let the cut flowers get a good amount of ventilation.
  8. Keep Cut Flowers away from hot or cold air drafts and hot spots (radiators, direct heat, or television sets).
  9. Never store fruit and Cut Flowers together. Apples produce ethylene gas, a hormone that causes senescence or aging in the Cut Flowers



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