FLOWER EXPO POLAND – 6th-8th September 2018 in Warsaw, Poland

Flower Expo Poland

Flower Expo Poland is a Trade fairs dedicated to cut flowers and potted plants held from 6th to 8th September 2018 at the EXPO XXI WARSZAWA in Warsaw, Poland.

Flower Expo Poland is the biggest horticulture fair in Poland for flowers and indoor plants and part of the well-known gardening event: 26th International Exhibition “GREEN IS LIFE”.

FLOWER EXPO POLAND (FEP) is an integral part of ZIELEŃ TO ŻYCIE (GREEN IS LIFE) exhibition since 2016 and it’s being the biggest show for the horticultural sector.

Flower Expo Poland


Why exhibit?

  • Expand your activities to Poland in an easy and affordable way
  • Get in touch with traders from almost 40 countries worldwide
  • Personal contact is important to get new business partners
  • 16 860 guests from 40 countries (7.073 professionals) visited Flower Expo Poland & Green is Life in 2017
  • Visitors represent ao wholesales, retailers, DIY and florists
  • 45 exhibitors from 5 different countries. Flower Expo Poland
  • Make use of the multichannel visitors’ promotion organized by the fair
  • Get yourself up to date with the flower & plants market in Poland
  • Sale increase of 30% from the Netherlands in Q1 2017
  • Poland moves from the 5th place on the list of the most important export countries


  • cut flowers,
  • indoor plants
  • added value products like vases, pots and floristic decorations.

It is intended for

  • florists,
  • growers,
  • traders
  • other companies operating in this sector.

The fair is attended by

  • landscape architects
  • growers
  • sales and retail representatives
  • florists and flower wholesalers
  • importers and exporters
  • suppliers of gardening and floristic products and services
  • local government officials responsible for green space.

Where did the idea for the flower and pot plant trade show in Poland come from?

  • Promising prospects for economic growth
  • Since Poland’s accession to the EU in 2004, exports have more than tripled
  • Poland has almost 40 million consumers
  • Poles like flowers and potted plants very much, and the potential of the market is constantly growing.
  • The Polish market is an important bridge with the countries of Eastern Europe, such as Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States.
  • The value of the Polish cut flower market has grown by over 20% in recent years.
  • In recent years, infrastructure has significantly improved in Poland.

Flower Expo Poland Website: http://www.zielentozycie.pl/index.php/en/



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