How A Florist Can Use Retargeting Ads to Sell More Flowers

Retargeting Ads

What are retargeting ads?

Retargeting Ads are ads that target bounced traffic to convert or you can simply put it as ads that turn window shoppers into buyers. Therefore retargeting ads are served only to people who have already visited your website or those you already have a relationship with.

There are three types of retargeting ads

  • Content retargeting Ads –

These ads take visitors to helpful content on your site. There are no sales to be made or sign up request, are used if you have a new blog and you don’t want your visitors to miss it.

  • Lead generation retargeting Ads –

They work effectively in generating leads for the business. they direct links to a subscription page or an email newsletter page.

  • Direct Purchase Retargeting Ads –

These are used to target your visitors to bring them back to purchase page so as to complete the buying funnel. The ads are most effective to people you have a relationship with such as your mailing list.

Retargeting Ads

There are seven ways to implement retargeting effectively to achieve your goal of selling more

1. Target individuals based on the search conducted on your site

Retarget everyone that does a product search on your site and even on google, have Ads targeting them with the specific product searched at a discounted price. This will ensure that they will eventually buy the flowers.

2. Target individual based on the specific products viewed, actions taken or not taken for an example abandoning a cart

To make sure all who visit your site end up buying your products, retarget visitors who viewed a product and didn’t purchase it or a visitor who added items on the cart but didn’t check out. In the same way, target them with Ads of the specific product at a discounted price.

3. Target individuals who consume similar content as your existing customers.

Retargeting can also help you sell more flowers to people who have similarity to your existing customers, by using retargeting in platforms such as Facebook, marketing to this kind of audience is a much simple method

4. Target users who are interacting with your email programs

If you already have an emailing list where you do email marketing, you can retarget customers who show interest by opening your emails but don’t proceed to purchase your products. Using your emailing marketing platform find out who the customers are and target them with Ads to assist them in converting.

5. Target audience based on how they arrived on your site.

6. Target individuals who have visited a partner site that shares similar interest.

Using google and facebook platform you can learn of visitors who have visited partner sites similar to you and target them with ads of your products.

7. Target visitors who interact with your shared content like content on your facebook pages.

Create a retargeting Ads that are shown to everyone who has interacted with any of your shared content like videos, facebook content, shared blog posts.

Retargeting Ads

With this steps, you can take full advantage of retargeting and able to increase flowers sales.


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