Essential floral equipment that every florist should have

floral equipment

To run a flower shop effectively, you will need different tools, floral equipment and supplies that will help out in the different tasks in the shop. There are essential tools that you need to help you in floral design others for how to handle and care for your flowers before selling. You will also need office supplies to run your shop due to fact that you are still a business.

Owing a well-equipped toolbox will not only make your work easier but also help you stand out as a professional florist in the very competitive florist industry. There are tools that are essential  a florist must have in his/her toolbox.

floral equipment

Essential floral equipment

  • Secateurs and trimmers – they are used to cut flower stems and unwanted foliage. they are sometimes reffered to as floral shears.
  • Scissors – a florist will always own a pair of scissors to use them in cutting ribons  when crafting arrangement. the scissors are to proivde clean and proffesionaly done finishes in packaging.
  • Floral knife – sometimes also reffered as Bud knive. They are useful when you want to cut the stem of the head of the flower also they are much useful cutting the flower foam.
  • Wires – floral wires come in diffferent gauges and styles. they are used to hold flowers when making wreaths or attaching arrangements to forms or supporting stems or holding flower heads up.
  • Tape – there are two type of tapes you need. Floral tape that is sretchable and lesss sticky to your finger and used to cover wires used to hold arrangements. the second tape is a water proof tape that will be used to hold the flower foam in place.
  • Rose thorn strippers – they are in different varieties of plastic and metal. they are used to remove the thorns on a roses stem improving its handling.
  • Wire cutters – They will really help you to cut floral wires easily
  • Floral foam – They highly absorbent foams that hold water for long and easily penetrateable. they are ideal for dry arrangements.

Other supplies

  • Containers and vases
  • Ribbons
  • Packaging boxes
  • Corsage pins
  • Cards
  • Flower food and preservatives
  • Wrapping paper
  • Plastic tubes

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