British Airways Pilots Strike – How Does This Affect Fresh Cut Flowers Exports to Europe

Fresh Cut Flowers Exports To Europe

Today Sep 9, 2019; Most flights cancelled as British Airways pilots begin two-day strike. This will indeed affect the supply chain for fresh cut flowers and other horticultural products to Europe. With a population of more than 500 million consumers; Europe has a large and mature market for fresh cut flowers, fruit and vegetables with stable demand overall.

Air Freight for Fresh Cut Flowers and other Horticulture exports to Europe is a very important link in the fresh produce value chain. From farmers, transporters, cold storage chain providers, Air Freight services and importers; there is a great balance that British Airways World Cargo provides to this trade.

British Airways and Spanish carrier — Iberia; merged to form IAG Cargo. Though British Airways World Cargo is now a division of IAG Cargo, Freight services are provided using the main British Airways fleet and operating air cargo services under the British Airways brand.

With British Airways out for two days, Fresh Cut Flowers Exports to Europe will be strained. This will not only affect European florists but countries that export to Europe.

Trade in fresh horticultural products has become increasingly global. Horticultural exports from the developing countries in Africa have become a major growth sector in international trade. The major developing African producers like Kenya, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Ivory Coast and Zambia have benefited from this trade. They export speciality vegetables, ready-to-eat, pre-washed salads to the EU.

How Does This Stike Affect Florists In Europe

For florists, ordering a working supply chain has benefits. It means receiving better quality flowers, directly from the farm, and therefore a fresher product. With this uncertainty for two days; it means delays and lost business and compromise on quality

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