5 Must-Haves to Look for in Your Florist POS System

Florist POS System

A point of sale (POS) system is a combination of software and hardware that allows retailers to make transactions and simplify key day-to-day business operations. POS includes both hardware and software components, regardless of the software you use the hardware will remain the same. A Florist POS System is essential for a florist in simplifying the daily transactions in the shop but choosing one that suits you well becomes a challenge.

Florist POS System

Must-have functionalities For a Florist POS System

1. Customer relationship management (C.R.M)

A Florist POS System should have the capabilities of helping you out in maintaining and analyzing customers data, who are the most valuable customers? What do customers mostly buy?
This information will help you later when marketing your products or trying to figure out your customer’s preferences.

2. Inventory management

A Florist POS System must also have an inventory management module, that will help in tracking the amount of stock you have. A customer won’t lack what they are looking for in your shop.
Inventory management will also help you know popular products, help on saving on storage cost and also to track the rate at which the products are moving.

3. E-commerce

Have a Florist POS System integrated with E-commerce is one of the crucial must-haves, this will enable having orders from the site directly to your POS, saving time and reducing data entry errors.
The integration will increase your customer satisfaction due to fast transactions, easier tracking of orders and shipping notifications.

4. Marketing tools

Florist POS System with integrated marketing tools can increase your sales revenues fast. the marketing tools will help in sending discounts notification to customers and other different ways of marketing

5. Sales reporting and analytics

With a Florist POS System you must be able to capture and analyze your store data. This functionality not only helps you track the number of sales you are making but also how much revenue you are making on each product enabling to know what products to focus on more.

Florist POS System

Other functionalities that are also important are; having secure and fast transactions and being integrated with different methods of payment.


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