11 Top Tactics to increase flower sales for Florists

Tactics to increase flower sales for Florists

Growing a local florist business is not easy and requires a tremendous amount. What failed florist businesses don’t have are enough customers. Here are the most effective Tactics to increase flower sales for Florists

The Main Tactic – The 50/50 Rule of Florist Marketing

The 50% rule: spend 50% of your time on product and 50% on marketing your florist business. Creating good floral arrangements is of equal importance with generating interest for your florist business building awareness of it within your local community.

The Top Tactics to increase flower sales for Florists – Marketing

  1. Search Engine Marketing – Ads on Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu
  2. Social & Display Ads – Ads on google display networks and social media like instagram, twitter, facebook and linkedin
  3. Offline Ads – Ads on billboards, magazines etc
  4. Search Engine Optimization – The most important thing to do to your website is keyword research and link building
  5. Content Marketing – Use your blog to educate your customers and you will turn them into clients
  6. Email Marketing – Create a list of engaged couples and keep sending them offers on wedding flowers
  7. Business Development – creating strategic relationships with event plannes hotels, venues, event MCs
  8. Sales – Generating a catalog and going out here to your target market to generate leads
  9. Affiliate Programs – Paying other people to get you leads
  10. Existing Platforms – Listing your florist business on existing platforms and websites that already have traffic
  11. Trade Shows – Showcase your florist works in wedding trade shows

Choose 2 or 3 of these tactics and devote 50% of your perfecting

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