Eagle-Link Flowers is a Cut Flowers Ecommerce Platform

About 40% of Fresh Cut Flowers from Kenya production is by smallholder farmers and growers.

Eagle-Link Flowers connects smallholder farmers of Fresh Cut Flowers from Kenya with Florist importer buyers around the world. While most of the fresh cut flowers consumed in the worldwide market originate from large farms, growers and plantations, small scale flower farms play a bigger role in the overall sector output.

We have made a conscious decision to shift from a commercial model of sourcing to partnerships with smallholder farmers. This is a decision we have not regretted because it has created a partnership of interdependency

Though Eagle-Link Flowers exports fresh cut flowers from mainly smallholder farmers in Kenya; We also consolidate from big farms, plantations and growers.

We are a marketplace

Wholesale Fresh Cut Flowers, Direct From Farm To Florist.

Shop online for Wholesale Fresh Cut Flowers, Direct From Farm To Florist. Eagle-Link Flowers is a Florist Supplier and connects cut flowers growers, farms and plantations From Kenya with florists and Wholesale Flowers buyers worldwide.

You can buy any flower produced in Kenya through our website. We handle the quality control, logistics and Payments to give the farmer and the florist the best value.


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